With technology evolving moment by moment, the choices are mesmerizing. At ImageTree, our eyes are on the technology horizon—seeing what’s coming and how technology can take your communications to the next level. We’ll advise you on your options—whether it’s digital cinema or HD video, social media or an emerging new technology, we’ll work with you to get your message out clearly, accurately and targeted to the right audience.

Video Services
HD, 4K, digital SLR, teleprompter, multi-camera switcher, lighting, dollies and jib arms, green screen, booms and wireless audio, on-site video editing. High-impact visual productions require special skills and equipment, and we know how to bring it all together.

Post Production Facilities
CGI, HD editing, green screen compositing, time lapse photography, special encoding requirements, animation, 3D animation, audio post production, sound design, royalty free music, composed musical scores are all design elements that we offer that can bring high value to your production.

Digital & Social Media
Live video, on-site video editing for posting to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo. Need Search Engine Optimization, web site metrics, e-mail campaigns, Google analytics? What about audio and video podcasts, e-learning presentations, embedded video for PowerPoint? Whatever part of the digital and social media mix you need, we can help you find the right balance.

Need content for that awards show? Need to produce a dynamic, upbeat launch video? What about the AV equipment and logistics for your annual general meetings, regional innovation forum, and trade event? Our team of creative minds can package the right balance of sizzle and substance for any event.